Mastering Giftwork®

Encouraging Personal Best

Recommended for:

All the leaders of the organization.




This program is designed to help the leader build an excellent workplace. They will obtain tools to enhance the strengths of their team. Together we will discover and develop the unique and special talents of each leader so that, in an environment of trust and commitment, leaders and their team achieve and exceed the expected results. 


Key performance situations:

  • Dialog of permanence.
  • Discover and develop talent.
  • Be grateful for the extra effort.
  • See the collaborator as a person.
  • Accept people as they are.

Dialog of permanence:

The leader will make sure that collaborators feel motivated by the work they do, feel valued and that every day is a new challenge for each of them. These dialogs of permanence will let them identify if team members are satisfied with the work they do. It is important to let them know about their aspects that are most valued and allow them to develop professionally and personally.

Discover and develop talent:

They will identify the talents of their team to find the best version of their collaborators through personalized development, learning how to take advantage of the strengths of each member. Leader will learn how to strengthen members, taking into account the characteristics of their own profile.

Be grateful for the extra effort:

They will learn to thank their collaborators when they make an extra effort at work, making them see that their work is recognized and valued. They will make a habit of acknowledgment and part of leadership within their organization

See the collaborator as a person:

They will meet each of the members of their team to learn how to respond satisfactorily to their personal needs and for them to realize that they have the support of their leaders. They will show genuine concern for their well-being and will see the employee as a whole, taking into account the different areas where they work.

Accept people as they are:

They will encourage employees to show their personality in an authentic way and to understand that the richness of a team is its diversity. They will learn to differentiate between personality and conducts to get the best of both, encouraging each one to contribute their best version for the team.

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