Mastering Giftwork®

Driving Organizational Goals

Recommended for:

All the leaders of the organization.




This program is made to help the leader build an excellent place to work, sharing tools for their team to achieve both business and operational objectives and challenges. Leaders will inspire their collaborators, will encourage pride and belonging to the organization, and also communicate frankly and directly, creating the right environment for the team to take responsibility not only for its tasks but also for its results


Key performance situations:

  • Live and make a contribution.
  • Define objectives.
  • Agree on objectives.
  • Inspire towards the result.
  • Give assertive feedback.
  • Encourage and receive approval.

Live and make contribution real:

You will connect the purpose of the organization with the purpose of your team and members. You will be clear about the contribution that will allow you to seek alternatives to contribute and keep your team inspired.

Define objectives:

You will define the goals of each member of your team and drive the goals of the organization. Every employee needs to know what they work for and what they must achieve in their work.

Agree on objectives:

You will make agreements with your collaborators to achieve objectives. You will get your team to take responsibility to achieve the expected result.

Inspire towards the result:

You will increase the commitment of your collaborators to achieve the expected final result. You will celebrate and acknowledge their achievements, raise awareness about the positive impact their role will have on the workplace.

Give assertive feedback:

You will prepare feedback sessions correctly and learn to communicate assertively. You will ensure that the suggestions of your collaborators are put into practice encouraging them to do their best in their day to day.

Encourage and receive approval:

You will create an ideal work environment where your employees feel free to contribute and suggest ideas. You will promote and listen to the contributions in your team to promote the achievement of the organizational objectives.

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