Mastering Giftwork®

Cultivating Team Spirit

Recommended for:

All the leaders of the organization.


This program is made to help the leader build an excellent place to work, sharing tools for their team to achieve both business and operational objectives and challenges. We are looking for a leader who contributes to creating an excellent team spirit by fostering cooperation among members and celebrating success in an environment where employees recognize and create opportunities to enjoy and have fun.


Key performance situations:

  • Welcoming.
  • The art of acknowledging.
  • Fostering respect.
  • Celebrating success.
  • Giftwork.


They will be able to make a big difference when they welcome new members to their team. Initiation of a new person can become a critical moment if they do not feel welcome. The leader will learn how to avoid these disastrous effects.

The art of acknowledging:

They will appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of the people in their team to create a great workplace and achieve extraordinary results. The magic is to know how to do it, not generating resentment in the other team members.

Fostering respect:

They will promote respect among collaborators. A leader must know how to treat collaborators correctly in order to improve coexistence within work teams.

Celebrating success:

They will learn to celebrate achievements as a way to create more success and reinforce the feeling of a winning team. They will create a pleasant environment where employees have a good time and feel recognized for who they are.


They will take the time to learn about their team’s tastes and needs to surprise them when they least expect it. They will lay the foundations to continue building confidence in their team.

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